Nusa Silver Jewelry

The Nusa Story

Nusa was born from the love of Bali; the Island of Gods. A mythical island that is proud of its history, culture and arts. Artisans express their artistic heritage through their craftsmanship. You can see this wherever you are in Bali: villages of wood carvers; stone carvers; painters and silversmiths.

Our desire is to bring this magical world to you.

“Nusa was born from the love of Bali; the Island of Gods”

Nusa handpicks the finest Balinese silver jewelry handcrafted in the traditional manner. We work closely with artisans and foster the growth of local economies, allowing young men and women to stay in their villages and family compounds without having to seek employment in the tourist industry. Nusa not only encourages communities to remain tight-knitted but allows the traditional art of silver smithing to be passed on down the generations, ensuring this art never dies out.

Come and join our Nusa community and bring your heart closer to Bali.